textile printing by hand

At school we have had a course in textile printing as I told you before, with the traditional screen printing method. Very briefly summarized: you create your own design and you make a film of it, after which you make the screen for flat printing (with several steps). Then you mix the right color and then you print.

Might sound like a swing of a magic wand. It really isn't. :D

The task was to design a pattern for a raincoat. More accurately it is a poncho, that can be worn when cycling and moving around the city. There will be a small exhibition of our textile print works later this spring.

My idea in this design was to mix elements of bicycle itself with the elements of water. So I studied bicycle's anatomy and did some research of all kinds of stuff that can be found from the bottom of the ocean - such as sea anemones, corals, alga and nudibranchs.

Strange words, I'm giving you respect to the fullest, dear Google translate.

These are an example of inspiration pics when I did the design. :)
(picture source: National Geography)

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  1. Ompas hieno,tollasta sadeviittaa kehtais kyllä hyvin käyttää!

    1. Hei mahtava kuulla! Sadeviitoista ollaan kyllä opettajien keskuudessa myös puhuttu, josko ne menisivät pienimuotoisesti myös ihan tuotantoon asti. Eli saapi nähdä, mitä käy. ;)