sunshine on a rainy day

That's me enjoying the light glinting from puddles on the ground. It had been raining all day but then the clouds just faded away. And that comfy cardigan right there is one of my true favorites for these chilly days!

go explore!

Today I had an inspiring day with myself. I went to the biggest furniture / interior decoration / design / light/ art / antique fair in Finland:

I also visited ArtHelsinki exhibition and saw amazingly beautiful things:

You still have time to visit Habitare 2011 if you're interested - latest on this sunday! I took even more photos today but I think I need some sleep now. And having an actual hard core camera would spare me the exhausting photo editing... See you soon! :)


the Assistant Store Manager: ME!

(Pictures from Indiska's facebook site)

After about two weeks I will start a new job at Indiska and I'M LOVING IT ALREADY. Those adorable fashion photos... well I'm sure you can understand my enthusiasm! And Indiska is not only a store for beautiful clothing but also a great place to find the most interesting interior details and a lovely range of accessories.

I'm just so happy at the moment. :)

Täten fiilistely alkakoon!!


1st of September

(c) Amanda Halonen

There's something about autumn that makes me want to dive into all my million pullovers, warm cardigans, fluffy scarves and knitted sweaters - preferably all of them at the same time. And I also get the seasonal hormone of making fresh apple pie running all over me. I like autumn.