orange + green

Wishing you bright sunshine and relaxing time for Easter! :)


being neutral. not.

Sometimes my color scale in clothing moves within neutral tones.
Sometimes there is nothing neutral in my clothing.

The tights got a brutal taste of a fork, but the jeans were like that when I bought them. Somehow I end up wearing leggings very often, though.

How intriguing would it be if I tried to create a pair of leggings with the same kind of hole-knit as in this sample? Very, if you ask me! I made this small piece during our knitting course.

I've heard someone say it's lame to take too many pictures of your own legs. This post is kind of about the legs. And I'd rather not take any duck face pictures of myself.

Have a colorful day! :)


Tyttö ja Hauki

A girl and a pike.

Well actually in the bag print she must be deeply yearning for the fish.

These three are soon to be kitchen towels. The theme is very Finland-oriented and the outcome reminds me of our northern nature, largely because of the raw linen fabric and the earthy colors.

The textile printing course will be continued...


by daylight

The weeks have gone by so fast. This monday we started a new course at school - textile printing. And I am excited! In the morning I felt like doodling a bit, so I sketched this drawing that I might well use in printing on canvas. I'm only wondering how I should use the end result... Maybe I'll grab some old pillowcases and t-shirts with me tomorrow. :)

And the other day we used these lovely flowers as a basis for a task.


card for a housewarming party + angst

I did a version of a card originally illustrated by Rudolf Koivu, one of Finland's most beloved illustrators.

This is another one of those days when I'm not too happy with the quality of pictures that I've taken with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S). Minor thing, after all. Today though, once again, it shut itself down without any warning, after which it took half an hour to restart. Yeah I know, take the damn thing somewhere to be fixed. My old and ugly phones used to last long times in use, showing no signs of dysfunction.

Makes me wonder if things will get any better by the year 20XX as seen in the card up above... ;)



Correct, it is London. I came back a little over a week ago and as soon as I have the time I'll post some more pictures + the longer version of the whole story.

Besides London I also visited Sheffield and York. It made me super happy to discover a store with a rather comprehensive range of fair trade jewelry (amongst everything else). Here are pics of my wonderful pieces, that have already been in efficient use. They are from York, which has had the status as a 'Fairt Trade City' since 2004.

From left:

Silver plated copper ring (India)
Bicycle rubber earrings (India)
Beer bottle cap earrings (Africa, Kenya)
Bicycle fragment earrings (India)


simple mood

Now that is interesting. I found a cool thing from indiska.com - a moodboard editor. You can play with textures, stamps, colors and the lovely interior pictures. What a fun way to shirk from doing school stuff.