dots and a bow...

A picture that I found from my phone's gallery. It's a sketch I never finished - well it happens.


this is a beanie

So there's a thing called DIY. Some time ago I made myself a crocheted beanie with a mint green pompom (can't find any pleasing word for that thingie).

How cute indeed - that's why I have to add also the following picture to the context, so that the whole post wouldn't get too yucky. This poor umbrella begun it's maiden voyage and lasted for about 45 pitiful minutes. Pathetic. End of story.


today's output


These are now done, waiting to get printed and to be handed out to many happy future customers of AND Anna Nygård Design.

I took some screenshots on the go:

Up: current view of the AND website (click to see closer).
Down: current view of the AND Facebook page.

Makes me happy. :)


Remember .VESKA? Anna Nygård wanted to make an actual blogpost of the essay that I made as school work some weeks ago. You can read it too by going to AND blog. :)

Since I made the .VESKA logo for AND, I will get a bag for myself too in this stylish silver color. It's already at the post office waiting for me. Thank you Anna! And now back to co-operating >>>


school is about learning

I'm starting to get used to studying again. Textile design is a little different, though. These small test knits I made today - the funniest part is that I really tried to learn the right pattern by the book, but I ended up doing something completely different...


every piece in the right place

It's nice to know that some things you decide to buy are not the same short-lived trash that is sold at most of the big chain stores. The accessories here are an example of fine craftsmanship - real leather, finishing made by hand, silver plating on the jewelry. I bought that ring already. And I love Indiska.


Happy Father's Day

Iskä / isä / faija / isi

Father / far / padre / vader / pai / baba


Eva has a band

My friend Eva makes lovely music and I fell in love with their California Shrills music video! If you like it, go 'like' it here. ;)



Late at night when you know you should be doing school stuff, what do you do? You draw a man that kinda looks like an old movie star but with unconventional hair, mustache and some feminine features. I did no pre drafting on this piece... I think that's why it became so wacky. The drawing is my way of saying GO for MOVEMBER!

A closer look of the gif:

Previous post with the same idea here. They would make a lovely couple, wouldn't they! :D