Hi there! I can see from my blog statistics that there is one week left for this spring's admission assignments to be released for not only Aalto University / School of Arts, Design and Architecture but also Metropolia University of Applied Sciences... This is for y'all:



© Amanda Halonen

Here's my Valentine's Day greeting, click to see closer. :)

My VD post from last year can be found here. There you can also download a greeting card if you like any of the colors, and then print it or send it via web. Love you all, *mwah.


girly sporty

So I bought sneaker wedges... I have decided to love them, though these kind of shoes seem to divide opinions.

The shoes were on sale at Promod, and since they were the only sample pair in the whole store I could not leave them behind. They are comfortable and make me 185 cm tall. :)