flower mania

I did a little Illustrator experimentation with a simple tutorial. In this picture I used one, and only one shape that looks kind of a sharpened number 8 - just enough duplication + reflecting and this is what I got. Fun it was. :D

Last some color messing with Photoshop and then going wild with a gif creator. For those who use something other than just the basic intoxicants: you're welcome. Ahem! :D


ennakkotehtävä - Super Edition

The word 'super' derives from two things today. Firstly I got an exam invitation letter from the last school I applied to, School of Arts, Design and Architecture! Happy happy! Secondly the word 'super' is for the amount of the following photos and the time spent on editing them. If you own a crappy camera, you have to retouch the images and nothing changes that fact, ever. At least that's how it goes for me, damn you perfectionism. Oh well.

This photo of me was originally taken for this CULT magazine, not for the layout of the Metropolia motivation letter. Feather earrings are somewhat my trademark. Now BAM, here's my fanzine:

I came across a little accident which almost caused me a trauma. I noticed at the printing place that the title font is incorrect throughout the whole magazine. In the upper pic you can see how it should've looked like.

I also made a card with info graphics which was required in the assignment.

All this took many long hours. I'm happy that all the work paid off.

The horizontal pics can be viewed more closely with a click. Now let's hope I rock in the exams!! :) :)


take a walk

Eastern Helsinki isn't just concrete-grey.


so far...

Now, at last, I'm going to release the works that got me into the exams at Metropolia / graphic design. First the layout of the motivation letter, then the piece based on the lyrics of an old Finnish song and then the superhero cartoon with some photos of its details. Behold! :D

So now I'm just hoping sooo very, very deeply that the entrance exam will go well. I'm relieved to get even this far.


after a morning coffee

This morning it only looks more like spring, which is a good thing.


happy face!


There has been a long break in posting - I know - but this time I have two kind on happy news! First of all: Piparkakkutyttö gave me this nice recognition that truly made my day! Thank you! :D

The idea is to thank the blogger who gave you the recognition, post The Versatile Blogger Award picture with your blog post and tell seven random facts about yourself. Then name 7 (I dropped the number down from 15) most versatile blogs that you like and go tell them too. :)

Kiitä bloggaajaa, jolta sait tunnustuksen. Lisää The Versatile Blogger Award-kuva postaukseesi. Kerro seitsemän satunnaista faktaa itsestäsi. Nimeä 15bloggaajaa ja kerro heille tunnustuksesta.

Random facts, here we go:

1. I like going to a party where I actually don't know anyone but the host. It's refreshing to start chatting with people you have never seen and usually you can find great individuals with so many interesting stories about their lives.

2. I have a good sense of smell. I live in the capital city with pollution and dust and all that, but I still think my nose is more accurate than most people's noses are. At the moment I love the smell of SPRING outdoors, especially in the woods.

3. My memory is the worst in the whole world. The list of examples is endless and I won't even start because it's so depressing....

4. I eat lots of nuts, rather than sweets.

5. I'm fascinated by shapes and forms of trees. Divi trees that have grown diagonally twisted are insanely beautiful. One reason to go to Aruba.

6. Sometimes I get strange inspirations, like the other night when I made a tunic out of a ripped old linen curtain, which I had bought with two euros a few days earlier. It made me feel so good!

7. I like to drink port wine with my boyfriend, just the two of us, preferably on a casual weekday with nothing else important.

And then the blogs that get a recognition from me (I'm not that keen on following blogs that I could name all 15!)

For the record, I won't be offended if I don't get any responses, but I felt this was a nice gesture for myself anyhow.

The other good news: I got accepted to the entrance exams for graphic design and textile design in Metropolia. YAY again! So far so good. Still waiting for a few more letters...