hmm... some nice ideas for Christmas

Have you visited astubutiikkiin.fi lately? I think I have an idea of what I wish for Christmas this year...

I admire HienoStella's way of creating both delightful jewelry and innovative interior pieces from recycled bicycle parts. For some weeks I have craved for these beauties as seen at astubutiikkiin.fi:

The charming little Pohjantähti -candle holders would go great with my linen tablecloth, which rests on our kitchen table.

I already gave a loving home for a pair of beautiful HienoStella -earrings when we celebrated the AB launch event back in August. How about these then?

Christmas is tapping doors very soon, so be well, behave well and eat well. :)


extreme haste

Phew! I mean... I have been really busy with school. Our class is going to participate in the biggest international textile fair, Heimtextil , in Frankfurt next January (!).

Go check out our project blog and have a look at what it's all about. We are on Facebook too! :)


in 13 pictures

Habitare fair this year wasn't as congested as I would have expected. I saw interesting things here and there, but... I ended up being more intrigued by the pieces at the antique corner.


Johanna's new logo

Johanna Karttunen is a gifted photographer, currtently based here in Helsinki. She is a wizard on picturing space with details, and she's also one of the owners at Olo-huone vintage store. She is available for interior photoshoots - and she's very passionate about that, too. :) Here is the logo that I designed for Johanna.


color on skin

A good friend of mine has a few multicolored tattoos. Some days ago she told me about the kind of tattoos that look like they are painted with aquarelles. I felt very fascinated about that! So I searched through Pinterest and made a small collage of those watercolor tattoos that I found beautiful.

Not planning to have one, though.


love for Olo-huone second hand & lifestyle

Olo-huone second hand & lifestyle is a new vintage shop + café, located at Fleminginkatu 7, Kallio district. I love the concept - it's the coziest living room I know, and there's also a kitchen (= café) and a bedroom too. With reasonable prices you can have something to take home, whether it be a teapot, vintage chair, AND Sälekori, YCM feather earrings or a bag of freshly ground coffee.

This week we celebrated the opening with smiles and a good, warm atmosphere. And this is how lovely the place is:

Photography by Sami Tirkkonen.

Definitely worth visiting!


Helsinki Design Week

About a week ago one of our teachers sent me an e-mail. It was about the raincoat prints we made in the end of last semester. A selection of three printed raincoats was made and it will appear at the HDW Above Exhibition - and two of the selected ones happened to be my designs! I'm really excited about that.

Once I visit the exhibition I will take pictures of my works. The truth is, I really haven't even seen the final prototypes, since they were completed during the summer. At the exhibition, at Old Customs Warehouse, there will be a section for New Arrivals, so more of Metropolia University's young talents' works can be seen there as well.

Go there! It's free!

I got an invite to the opening party - I feel very good about that too. :)



I decided to give my logo a refreshing touch! The turquoise element is now history and instead there's a small swirl-thingy reaching to the heights. Can also be considered as tentacles... I hope you like the new look. :)


a short glimpse

Some time has passed, but still I have a few pics from the astubutiikkiin.fi launch event.

Poor weather, good spirit!

It was truly a rainy day - luckily we were able to stay indoors. The press gathered together in the Madeby Helsinki -store, but most of the selling tables were in other parts of Bock's house.

At this point these are the only pics I've got... But there are more on my father's camera. Among other guests, several family members of mine came to visit. :)


astubutiikkiin.fi launch event!

14th August we will celebrate astubutiikkiin.fi at Bock's house! The launch event will take place in the heart of Helsinki, Tori Quarters. You will also have a chance to buy some fine Finnish design- and handicraft products - straight from the manufacturers who have decided to take part in the astubutiikkiin.fi -portal.

Here are some examples of how we look on the Internet right now.

Down here is the current Facebook cover pic separately, and after that a flyer, which I also made recently.

astubutiikkiin.fi has also been seen here:

+ various blogs

The launching day will start with a briefing for the media and after that at 15 pm the doors will be open to the public. I'm very much looking forward to this event, welcome along!


life and other stuff

A pause in posting - a moment for living.

After a whole harsh week of an entrance exam I flew to Spain with a friend. We explored four different cities: Bilbao, San Sebastian, Zaragoza and Madrid. It was an efficient, yet brilliant two-week trip. Especially the Basque Country had some of the most beautiful views I've seen!

About the applying results. I made my way one point behind a backup place (Fin: pisteen päähän varasijasta). Not so bad to get ranked somewhere in the top 20. I did not get in, but I will happily continue my studies in textile design at Metropolia University. :)

I tend to promise more pictures and stories of my trips, and what I've learned is the fact that it's surprisingly hard to keep those promises... Never did another post about London + Sheffield + York. I have quite a load of photos taken in my camera / phone this time too, so we'll see what happens.

I will be busy with many positive things this summer. If you can, go and enjoy your time in the sun! :D


done - and more to come...

Here's for you to see the outcome of the business cards I designed some while ago for Mari at astubutiikkiin.fi. The whole portal project is still going on and I am superlatively happy to have a role in it.



Yesterday was the very last day of the entrance exams. I truly tried to focus on doing my best.