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A pause in posting - a moment for living.

After a whole harsh week of an entrance exam I flew to Spain with a friend. We explored four different cities: Bilbao, San Sebastian, Zaragoza and Madrid. It was an efficient, yet brilliant two-week trip. Especially the Basque Country had some of the most beautiful views I've seen!

About the applying results. I made my way one point behind a backup place (Fin: pisteen päähän varasijasta). Not so bad to get ranked somewhere in the top 20. I did not get in, but I will happily continue my studies in textile design at Metropolia University. :)

I tend to promise more pictures and stories of my trips, and what I've learned is the fact that it's surprisingly hard to keep those promises... Never did another post about London + Sheffield + York. I have quite a load of photos taken in my camera / phone this time too, so we'll see what happens.

I will be busy with many positive things this summer. If you can, go and enjoy your time in the sun! :D

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