I just can not resist circling around at any kind of flea market or second hand store. UFF is the place that ranks highest in my book since I go bananas with clothing inspiration every time I enter one of the stores. Today's mega gem was this fine vintage leather skirt made in Portugal.

Last weekend I spent time with friends in Tampere. I found the following items from local flea markets. The girly dress is some random label marked with a 'made in India' -tag and the leather sandals look promising because of the huge Italy labeling. And they feel good in use, too.

Bye bye money. But I'd say a school girl needs proper school girl's supplies.


for school of life

Here are cards to farewell two dear people from work. They left the store to continue their lives with new exciting adventures - both equally dear, that's why I made similar cards. I wish the two of you the best of luck!


a birthday card

Age is richness.

It's already some time ago when we celebrated my friend's birthday. I took a picture of the card I made her. For me this is the only kind of "gift" where the full meaning of congratulation comes along. 

Oh gosh, almost a full month since my last post... When the school starts I hope I'll do more stuff that can stir up some inspiration for the blog too. :)