rainbow drop glass swan

About a week ago I went to the Nordic Travel Fair 2012 (Matkamessut) with my mother and sister. We stopped to watch the beautiful glass work of Iittala at the Helsinki World Design Capital section. They had a huge oven and all the equipment to blow the glass into shape right there.

After a few sighs for the clean-cut pieces of glass the Iittala representative told us that since we are daughters we can get free figures for ourselves as the other children can. We didn't quite understand the suggestion at first and had to ask if it was correct that we can just "take them" with us. Yes, that was alright so we took the figures that we felt as our own. The colorful little swan was the very first thing I saw at the table. Funny story overall, but very, very nice indeed.


spring at Indiska

I have always loved Indiska and that's why I wanted to work for this 110-year-old company that is not like everybody else. A few days ago I bought my first buddha statue in turquoise color. I'm getting super exited and inspired of all the lovely spring products! Going to work makes me forget the blizzard outside. :)


coffee in a cup

I decided to dedicate a post for coffee - the joy of my early mornings and peaceful afternoons. At home I drink my coffee with milk, but I also like special coffees with a hint of sweetness. I have several packs of different coffees so I can choose the blend according to my mood. I store my coffee in the following two jars among others. The Paulig jar is decades old and from my parents while the second one is from Espan Enkelit.
I have collected a variety of cups:
This Marimekko cup with the girl in a plaid scarf has been my absolute favorite since the day I bought it! It's exactly the right size for the coffee to stay hot and it fits in my hand just perfectly.

I also have some series of smaller cups. The first ones we got from my boyfriend's mother and I think we have a set of 8. I simply love them! The red ones below are from Indiska - they are actually meant for mulled wine (glögi), but I wanted to take a picture of them too because they are just beautiful. :D
And how about the coffee? I hate it when it's lame and love it when it's full, aromatic and soft yet strong. The scent is also very important. There are reasons I like Indiska's hazelnut and cinnamon coffee.

The best coffee I have had came from a small independent coffee shop in Etu-Töölö and also from a coffee & tea store in Oulu, called Kofeiinikomppania. At both places they grind the beans on the spot. Oh and I must not forget the coffee in Portugal! Every time I smell either freshly ground or roasted coffee I get these small vibrations...
Today when I added the two Siirtolapuutarha cups with the city theme to my reservoir I also joined the Marimekko customer club and received a free pack of dotted napkins! It was a really nice surprise.

But as I am a huge lover of coffee I also appreciate tea. We have even more tea than coffee at home since my boyfriend drinks it approximately two pots a day...
The tea jar is from Indiska (for the hundredth time), but those tea bags have a bit different story. We brought them all the way from Mauritius where the tea had been cultivated. It was served at the hotel room and we decided to take the whole pack with us because we enjoyed the flavor. Too bad we didn't know there were some limits to importing tea. We came to know that with all the other little packages of tea we had brought maybe like five times too much tea to our home country. Well, no-one accused us of being smugglers. :D


weird beards

No reasonable explanation for this sketch...


smelling the wind

I have this ongoing urge to decorate my home. The thing is that I really don't need anything. But after visiting H&M Home department online and seeing all the inspirational new spring photos I wanted to warm myself up with the feeling of something new. Still I love OLD and patinated the most. I could move into a huge old factory house just to get the lovely rusty atmosphere!
collages made of the wonderful pics from hm.com

Well, it's still January and nasty cold weather! So that's why I decided to invest in the blue striped 50e linen blanket in the upper picture. Shivery beautiful it is!

I also checked out what new they have at Ikea. This picture caught my eye with its neatness. I love the mat. If I don't get the perfect factory house I could anyway use a bigger living room.


started the year 2012 wearing this:

I had a simple look for New Year's Eve. Too bad the cool velvet texture of my leggings doesn't show in the picture. I bought my first sale item from my beloved Indiska and I think the dark blue color goes well with the shade of midnight.