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knitted fabrics

I had another course on knitting, this time with patterns and some new techniques. First I designed different test patterns by using a computer program and after uploading the patterns into a control device I started to knit test pieces with varying yarns. It was all in all very inspiring and interesting. :)

We also had a great chance to manufacture some knitted fabric industrially at Kutomo Holopainen Oy in Tuusula, Finland. Here is my two-sided fabric:

I had made a decision to turn it into a cardigan that can be used with both sides. By now I have planned a photoshoot for documenting the final product. Kutomo Holopainen finished the cardigan very decently, I must say.

Reversible knitted cardigan
Design: Amanda Halonen
Sewing: Kutomo Holopainen Oy


today (and tomorrow) at the Cable Factory

Kierrätystehdas / Recycling Factory is Finland's biggest annual event for sustainable lifestyle. I visited the event again this year and rotated myself around the place for a little while. astubutiikkiin.fi had an own department too. :)

The spirit of the whole event is recycling and upcycling. I was happy to find some good leather pieces for projects that I'm planning to accomplish at some point.

Enjoy the spring folks!


thinking back last summer

... and dreaming up plans for next summer.

Some days ago I browsed through my computer and traced some photos of myself around one lovely country - Spain. So this is me in my element: traveling.

Pictures in random order...

Start of the trip: Bilbao - bad(ish) weather, hah. :D
After that: San Sebastian - nice and good! Sunny.
Followed by: Zaragoza - a dose of culture.
Last stop: Madrid - big city heat. Loved it.
In total: two weeks of happiness.

This is my travel-mate Kristiina. She's cool (and she took the pictures above).

Summer: please come back quickly!


weaving is fun

School is keeping me busy again. At the moment I'm weaving interior textiles with a computer connected loom (pics 1-2) and a jacquard machine (pics 3-4). I took some pictures on the go.

Here are two examples of my woven fabrics.

And then the jacquard try-out. Huge difference with thick and thin yarns. :)