imagining myself a home under the sun

Now the temperatures are back to boring (=zero) and the whole city has turned into a living mayhem of grey. Right now I'm dreaming of a sweet little house in... hmm, Croatia maybe... Here are my current deco-feelings.

I chose my favorite colorful pieces by Indiska. And to get deeper into the right mood I browsed through my laptop and chose a few pics of our beautiful trip to Croatia:

Waiting for the spring already - have a pretty day!


- 23 °C outside

This morning the weather was supremely cold here in Helsinki. I was sipping my coffee, doing the laundry and sighing as the sunlight was shimmering through my living room curtains. I have been inside the house last few days due to the irritating cough and runny nose of mine. Feeling better already, though.


textile design - knitted by me

Photography by Johanna Karttunen

Here are documented knitted scarves that I made during past semester. The mint green tube scarf in the first pic is knitted by hand and the others with a manually-used knitting machine. In the end there's also a hairband that I made as a small extra.

Don't freeze out there, folks! :)


Kohvik Kompott

What a creative way to use a kitchen grater!

We visited Tallinn, Estonia with a bunch of friends last weekend. With a few of them we decided to take a round in the old town to see if we could find a nice place for brunch. We sure found one - Kohvik Kompott can be found at street Pikk 30. We loved the place and I can warmly recommend it if you ever happen to visit Tallinn.

All of us paid around 10 euros each, and my meal consisted of a pot of peppermint tea (with fresh leaves!), large wok-vegetable main dish and for dessert the five of us shared waffles with jam and whipped cream. The thing was to make the waffles while sitting around the table, so you could define the size and crispiness yourself. Very handy. :) Everything was so, so good.

Big like.


designing a magazine layout

Let's have a look at some more schoolwork. Lately we have been doing interior magazine layouts. I'm already familiar with Photoshop and InDesign, but I'm still totally enjoying the assignment! The task was to visualize your own home in a few magazine spreads with some self-photoshopped pictures and decoration ideas. I named my magazine 'Homehow' and the issue is inspired by traveling.

I had fun with textures and went wild with writing. :D You see, now our tiny student apartment has been turned into a "renovated residency" with natural floor planking, vivid green-painted wall surface and an edgy brick wall. Oh how I wish all that would be true...

(Click to enlarge)

All the fabrics seen on the pillows (x3) contain woven textures from my previous post. I have adjusted the pillow colors to fit in the surrounding atmosphere.

Below some details in bigger size (click to enlarge):

skills for future

My intention has been to post these pictures during the past fall, but better now than never. We had a course on weaving and here's what I've made. I liked the course in general and had the privilege to use the computer-connected loom.

The most difficult step was definitely the beginning. It's tougher than it looks in the pictures. Still, I got past it and could begin to weave.

The fabric started to form in quite good time. We had taken photos on which the 30 cm long pieces were based and in the end of the length we could do a piece for our own use. I'm planning to make a folkloristic (sort of) bag of this last longer piece, with leather details.


some results of the .VESKA photoshoot

Take a good look at the beautiful and clear-cut .VESKA bag by Anna Nygård, photos by Johanna Karttunen:

Anna's making of -post here in Finnish.


modelling with .VESKA

Off I go! :D

These are some old pics of me after a photoshoot. The hair has already grown longer. And here's why I'm posting these:

Anna Nygård asked me to model for the photoshoot of .VESKA bag. So nice! The shoot happens tomorrow and I'm very happy to be collaborating with Anna again. :) Lovely Johanna Karttunen is going to be responsible for the photography. Waiting for tomorrow!