Kohvik Kompott

What a creative way to use a kitchen grater!

We visited Tallinn, Estonia with a bunch of friends last weekend. With a few of them we decided to take a round in the old town to see if we could find a nice place for brunch. We sure found one - Kohvik Kompott can be found at street Pikk 30. We loved the place and I can warmly recommend it if you ever happen to visit Tallinn.

All of us paid around 10 euros each, and my meal consisted of a pot of peppermint tea (with fresh leaves!), large wok-vegetable main dish and for dessert the five of us shared waffles with jam and whipped cream. The thing was to make the waffles while sitting around the table, so you could define the size and crispiness yourself. Very handy. :) Everything was so, so good.

Big like.

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