While trying to write an essay you can find yourself in the middle of hogwash. For example, I made a research of some interesting new words in foreign languages. Nesmysl / omong kosong / hölynpöly: Czech, Indonesian and Finnish word for nonsense. How pulchritudinous (I know, I'm using the word poorly at this point). I also found some old pictures that I have taken here at home, that totally relate to nothing.

Have a good day! :)


when the package makes me do it

These three packages of coffee look like something I would frame on my kitchen wall after use - well, actually I'm going to. I saw the products at a super market recently and after buying one box I couldn't resist taking home two boxes more.

This is the kind of package design that totally hits me! Simple yet stylish. There were many different kinds of coffee flavors all around the world, though all of them are manufactured in Italy, and so far I've tasted my Costa Rica one. I'm rather picky what it comes to coffee, and cup of that was pure enjoyment indeed.


student life is made of... what?

This is an old(ish) overall patch that I made on request. Among our friends we have our own kind of student "bar tour": instead of bars we make the stops at our friends' flats - much more fun! I don't have the overalls (yet), but because I've managed to gather quite a bunch of patches so far, I think I'll just have to get a piece of that silly outfit. And I am a student these days, aren't I. :D