Aalto 'zine' 2013

As before, I'm going to post pictures of my admission assignment. This year there needs to be only one for me. After all, I am in the middle of design studies right now - so who's that crazy bitch who wants to do all that rumba once again?

Here it is, my tabloid size 'zine' called AMANDATORY, neatly documented.

I also made a (very yellow) two-sided A3 poster with infographics to make a clarified impression of myself. Read the texts by clicking the pictures.

All images © Amanda Halonen


a thumb

Negative pictures - positive mood.

Aalto entrance exam invitation for 2013... My summer vacation will start with this.


Recycling Factory / Kierrätystehdas 4.-5.5.13

My head tends to turn towards beautiful pieces of jewelry. These beauties are by Remake Ekodesign and Uniqeco Design.