Friday off

Yesterday I slept my head dizzy, washed the dishes, went to get some food, did the laundry, listened to music and polished my nails. What an exiting day indeed (I didn't have the enthusiasm to go to the student party that my boyfriend went).

I used H&M 'Moody model' underneath and Lumene 'Trouble maker' on top to make a metallic, edgy combination. I made the shiny fingertips with an eye on the approaching New Year's Eve. The deer ring is from Gina Tricot and the green stone ring is second hand.
I have kind of an obsession with salty liquorice and that one is the best you can get in my opinion!

Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise

The very last day of 2011 has just started so let's make some noise for the good year! This song will remind me of 2011. I'm actually already hearing the New Year rockets out there, seems like someone just can't wait. :D


sparkle on the branches

Hope you had a beautiful Christmas! I did.
(BeFunky from Android Market was also worth trying, haha)
And I'm so in love with my cute little Indiska elephants!

What I got for Christmas

It's a Samsung Galaxy S! I have been exploring Android Market and found the fun and free PicsArt for editing photos. I tried posting this blog post fully via my phone but didn't succeed - yet. At least all the following pics are completed by using my new phone. Oh you technology!



(c) Amanda Halonen

An oldish sketch that I made when sleep felt hard to catch.


from Chicago

I found something that I just must share with you. It's not only the fact that Chicago is an absolutely awesome city, but also that Brett Manning from Chicago is an insanely talented artist! I will prove it to you by showing these 10 beautiful reasons:

Point proved!



After listening this you will not get the song out of your mind for the whole day!


darkening hours

This year I have been enjoying candles more than usually. I just bought the perfect metal plate from Indiska that provides a good underlay for the scented candles. My nose is very keen on nice fragrances. I can already smell the Christmas. :) I only hope it's going to SNOW soon.


making of

A quick shot of my latest work while it was in progress. I like the dramatic touch of a ballpoint pen. There's no way going back and it's kind of super permanent...


Holy home in the Netherlands

A few days ago I came across an interesting type of residence. A friend of mine put a link on facebook and I thought I have to share this with you guys too. Pics are from TrendLand and as you can see: the house is a church!
Love it! Read the whole story from TrendLand. :)


patches - haalarimerkkejä

Here's a patch that I made some time ago. We decided to arrange an event with our friends and it needed an own patch. Here's the result which I'm pretty satisfied with. :)
These two down here are my earlier patches for two different law student events. I don't have photos / scans of them unfortunately.
Some older patches: here and here.
Tykkäätkö merkeistäni? Haluaisitko tapahtumallesi / yrityksellesi oman merkin? Pistäpä kommenttilaatikko helisemään! :D



Naked thoughts
(c) Amanda Halonen

This morning I slapped myself on the face and finally began to draw.

I'm very sorry for being not too active with my blog lately. I like blogging and that's the main reason why I'll try harder to post more often in the future. My creativity just took a pause there...

And about the picture: yes I dare.