designing a magazine layout

Let's have a look at some more schoolwork. Lately we have been doing interior magazine layouts. I'm already familiar with Photoshop and InDesign, but I'm still totally enjoying the assignment! The task was to visualize your own home in a few magazine spreads with some self-photoshopped pictures and decoration ideas. I named my magazine 'Homehow' and the issue is inspired by traveling.

I had fun with textures and went wild with writing. :D You see, now our tiny student apartment has been turned into a "renovated residency" with natural floor planking, vivid green-painted wall surface and an edgy brick wall. Oh how I wish all that would be true...

(Click to enlarge)

All the fabrics seen on the pillows (x3) contain woven textures from my previous post. I have adjusted the pillow colors to fit in the surrounding atmosphere.

Below some details in bigger size (click to enlarge):

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