Helsinki Design Week

About a week ago one of our teachers sent me an e-mail. It was about the raincoat prints we made in the end of last semester. A selection of three printed raincoats was made and it will appear at the HDW Above Exhibition - and two of the selected ones happened to be my designs! I'm really excited about that.

Once I visit the exhibition I will take pictures of my works. The truth is, I really haven't even seen the final prototypes, since they were completed during the summer. At the exhibition, at Old Customs Warehouse, there will be a section for New Arrivals, so more of Metropolia University's young talents' works can be seen there as well.

Go there! It's free!

I got an invite to the opening party - I feel very good about that too. :)

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hei siistiä, onneks olkoon! Täytyykin käydä tsekkailemassa joku päivä toi näyttely :)

  2. Kiitos! Näyttely kannattaa käydä joo tsekkaamassa ja eiliset avajaisetkin oli hienot! :)