graphics for astubutiikkiin.fi

Here we have some new images for the upcoming portal. The following illustrations and infographics are meant for marketing.

In the images on the left the principles are visualized from the company's / manufacturer's point of view, and in the images on the right side from the customer's / consumer's point of view.

Click for a closer look.

It's nice to see the positive changes now that people's attention has increased towards the concept of the portal. The astubutiikkiin.fi Facebook page is also leisurely getting more and more likes. That feels good.

For my international readers there's a lot to guess in these pictures - Finnish language is rather hard to understand. :D

I hope you like these as much as the customer does. All in all, I am really grateful to be a part of this. Thank you / kiitos, Mari.

The images have also been posted to the Astu Butiikkiin -blog:

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